About Me

who I am and what I do

I currently work as a Senior Support Engineer at Zenoss, Inc.

My tasks include

Providing advanced support to enterprise customers.

Debugging Zenoss code and performing development tasks such as authoring ZenPacks or creating patches.

In my spare time I enjoy

Programming, Graphics Design, Poker, Pool, Skiing, Camping.

My Skillset

a brief overview

Unix Administration

I've been working with Linux for 11 years and with FreeBSD for 5 years prior to that. 16 years of experience with UNIX operating systems combined. I have experience with Bash, Perl, and Python. Also, with installing, configuring and managing a broad range of software including web, mail, dns, database, ldap, revision control, etc...

Infrastructure Monitoring

I have 5 years of experience with managing a toolset for a Network Operations Center. This included development work to integrate and customize the tools. The tools included a ticketing system (OTRS) and a monitoring system (Zenoss).