About Me

who I am and what I do

I currently work as a Site Reliability Engineer (DevOps) at Zenoss, Inc.

My tasks include

Performing development and operational tasks related to the Zenoss Cloud SaaS product.

Development tasks include debugging code, resolving defects, developing automation and monitoring solutions as required.

In my spare time I enjoy

Programming, Graphics Design, Poker, Pool, Skiing, Camping.

My Skillset

a brief overview

Unix Administration

I've been working with Linux for over 15 years and with FreeBSD for 5 years prior to that. I have over 20 years of experience with UNIX operating systems combined. I have experience coding in several languages including Java, Javascript, Bash, Perl, and Python.

Infrastructure Monitoring

I am currently working at Zenoss as a Site Reliability Engineer for our Zenoss Cloud SaaS monitoring product. I previously worked for 5 years managing a toolset for a NOC. I was a Network Analyst as well prior to that. I have extensive experience in the infrastructure monitoring space.