Announcing Zenoss GalaxZ 18, the official conference for Zenoss users!

Announcing Zenoss GalaxZ 18, the official conference for Zenoss users! Join us June 20-22, 2018, in Austin, Texas. Read more:

How To: Install Artwiz fonts in Ubuntu

This is a guide for installing the artwiz fonts pack in Ubuntu Jaunty.

How To: Install Cisco Mibs in Zenoss

Note: these are now available as a Zenpack at This guide provides step by step instructions for installing all Cisco Mibs in to Zenoss.  This method was derived from hours of research and testing.  I have attempted to explain the necessity of each step as best I can.  Please feel free to contact me …..

How To: Fix OpenOffice having no window border

This is a simple guide which explains how to fix the issues where no window border is displayed for OpenOffice applications. I’m not sure what causes this issue but it appears to be related to Beryl, and Compiz-Fusion in some way.